Cloud Computing

The future of hardware computing is here. Consolidate your systems and save on electricity, hardware replacement, management and IT labour and even licensing.


Working remotely requires speed and a secure connection entire system. Ensuring all data is secured at every layer is the name of the game. From the disk file, to the internet gateway.


Office costs are rising, and incomes are dropping. Empowering employee's outside of the office can give an extra edge. The work-life balance is more important than ever.

Tech Support

Having experienced support for network and computer related issues, prevents high cost procedures and stabilizes the work environment for better return.



About Us

With more than a decade in the IT industry, PLEXUS is proud to serve the Lambton county area and Sarnia's heavy industry chemical valley.   Doing things the traditional way leads to traditional outcomes; but todays markets require innovative solutions at the lowest costs. 

Connect With Us!!!


What can we do for you?

  • Design and install new networks
  • Compact systems
  • Out-of-office access 24/7 
  • Simplify software and everyday tools
  • Design custom shopfloor utilities
  • Design web ideas and systems
  • We can host servers and applications
  • Single-point-of-contact contracting


  • Video telephone systems
  • IP Security systems
  • Remote monitoring
  • Project Management
  • Wireless, RFID, barcoding systems
  • App to Web conversion